QuikJoint™ - Asphalt Crack & Joint Sealer

Asphalt Crack & Joint Sealer - 50mm
Bucket Tape

50mm Bucket

8 Rolls Per Bucket
 15.24 Metres Per Roll
 121.92 Metres Per Bucket

  18 Buckets Per Pallet.

Asphalt Crack & Joint Sealer - 100mm Bucket Tape

100mm Bucket

4 Rolls Per Bucket
 15.24 Metres Per Roll
 60.96 Metres Per Bucket

  18 Buckets Per Pallet. 

QuikJoint Asphalt Repair Instructions

Installation Instructions

QuikJoint - Tech Sheet

Tech Sheet

QuikJoint Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Greatest Benefits of QuikJoint™

The greatest benefits of QuikJoint crack and joint sealer tape in asphalt repairs, is the speed, ease and convenience of application, proving a cost effective system for sealing cracks and joints in pavements, particularly on small jobs. Simply ensure the area to be sealed is clean, dry and free of dirt and dust. Peel off the backing paper, apply sticky side down, then heat with a blowtorch. Once the clear film on the top side has shrivelled and disappeared, job done, ready for traffic shortly after. Being a tape, a neat finish of even thickness is another great feature. A 6 metre wide driveway crossing or a 3m x 3m patch can be sealed in about 5 minutes, cleanly, efficiently and with no waste. The only cleaning up required - is picking up the stripped backing paper - easy!! We do not recommend using QuikJoint on areas of crazed, web like cracking (also known as crocodile cracking), instead recommend excavation and resealing of such areas. We also recommend applying a coating of sand when using the 100mm wide tape - apply whilst hot. Whilst we are not aware of QuikJoint being used on airport runways, we do not recommend the use of QuikJoint on runways. QuikJoint has been manufactured and widely used in America for about 20 years, and now available in Australia. Join the growing list of companies and Councils, large and small, realising the benefits of using QuikJoint for asphalt repairs and sealing cracks and joints in roads, pavements, footpaths and carparks and ordering bucket or pallet lots of QuikJoint™. 

Other uses for QuikJoint
QuikJoint Crack and Joint Sealer Tape may also be used as an adhesive pad to anchor reflectors, catseyes etc. Simply cut the tape to the size required, peel off the backing paper and apply sticky side down to the clean, dry surface and heat with a blowtorch until the clear film melts, shrivels and disappears, then immediately apply the item to the hot bituminous patch. Wear glove for protection from heat.

Installation Instructions Overview

DIRECTIONS: For full adhesion, it is imperative the pavement must be clean, dry and free of dust prior to application of QuikJoint tape. Desired pavement temperature should be above 4.4°C. Heat may be applied directly to pavement to dry and warm surface area to increase adhesion. For best results fill cracks wider than 1.5mm with an approved crack filler level with pavement surface.

1. Peel and Separate approximately 30cm of the white release paper from the QuikJoint over-banding bituminous tape joint compound. Position and press the exposed compound (underside) at the front of the joint to be sealed and adhere to the pavement by applying pressure. Continue to separate the white release liner while rolling, positioning and pressing the bituminous sealing tape over the entire crack or joint to be sealed. Once the entire work area has been covered; cut the sealing tape with a straight edge and return roll to its original package. (It is not necessary to remove the clear plastic film on the topside of the material).

2. Apply heat directly to the QuikJoint crack and joint sealing tape (the clear plastic film will burn off) using a blow torch (suggested 50mm diameter torch head or larger). Constantly and repeatedly move flame over the bituminous tape until liquefaction occurs (this will happen almost immediately). The material must be heated so that all the clear plastic has been melted and the compound is liquefied (melted) and bonded to the surface. Do not apply excessive heat causing the materials to burn or run off. The material will set up quickly and the joint is permanently sealed. Within minutes the area may be top coated with sand or sealer or opened for traffic. ALWAYS APPLY SAND WHEN USING 100mm QUIKJOINT TAPE (Whilst hot, particularly when applying the tape longitudinally). Properly dispose of any waste materials. A torch head will remain hot for sometime after useage, do not allow it to come into contact with body.

NOTE: QuikJoint is an over banding material fabricated and manufactured to seal pavement joints. It is not designed to bridge cracks or act as a structural membrane. When used to over band cracks; the cracks shall be filled prior to applying QuikJoint. Cracks may be filled by cutting strips of QuikJoint and positioning these strips over the crack to be filled and apply heat to flow material into the opening or by using other approved crack fillers. Fill crack to surface level. Proceed to over band the crack by following the above directions 1-2. WE RECOMMEND EXCAVATION AND RESEALING OF CRAZED, WEB LIKE PATTERN CRACKING (ALSO KNOWN AS CROCODILE CRACKING). RATHER THAN USING QUIKJOINT TAPE IN SUCH INSTANCES.

STORAGE: QuikJoint shall be stored indoors at temperatures not to exceed 40° C. When re-packaging the roll take caution to use the glossy dividers provided to keep rolls separated from each other and any other materials. 

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